SOA Made Simple – Introduction to SOA

By Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Oracle ACE Director, December 2013

A lot of organizations are implementing, or want to implement, Service Oriented Architecture to support their goals. Service Oriented Architecture is a natural step in the evolution of Information Technology; we started out with big systems in universities and banks, and moved to desktop computers in the workplace and at home. We are now moving to solutions in the cloud, offering services to consumers and businesses alike, adding mobile computing to the mix. So what is a service? A service is something that has value. Service orientation is not a difficult concept to grasp, everyone knows services and uses them daily; think of a hotel that offers a shuttle service to the nearest airport. Or the hairdresser that cuts your hair. This presentation introduces SOA, using a practical and simple approach. It is done without overly complex abstractions, but with examples from different industries and hands-on experience.

See the presentation here


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