O-box launches new website… with a new domain name!

Some of you may have noticed that O-box has been “a bit lacking” in the website department… there has been so much stuff happening this year: beta programs, WebLogic on ODA 2.9 and, of course, the launch of Oracle SOA Suite 12c so our poor old website hasn’t had the attention it deserved.

Well, no more! Thanks to the sterling efforts of Mascha van Oosterhout, the talented guys at Cryout Creations, and our friends at 3B in Australia, we now have a new website and a new domain name to boot http://o-box.com! 🙂Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Here you will find all you need to know about O-box appliances, and we hope to add further useful content on a weekly basis. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions please fill in the feedback form!



  1. Hi Simon
    What CMS/Web technology are you using for you site, i.e. drupal, dgango, ruby on rails?
    Whatever it is, it looks good. (8^)
    cheers Jim

    • Simon Haslam

      The website runs on WordPress. The “Tempera” theme we’re using (from Cryout Creations) does a lot of the fancy work for you and is also responsive so looks nice on tablets/smartphones. Finally the site structure, branding and various images were set up by Mascha who is a Photoshop whizz (amongst many other talents).

      The only challenge I really faced was migrating the test system over to the live server… the domain name re-mapping wasn’t too much of an issue in SQL (some of the references have hard-coded URLs), but somehow the theme settings got a bit mangled – it was a good test of my backup scripts though!

      Thanks for dropping by Jim 🙂

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