O-box at DOAG Conference 2014

This week is the German Oracle user group annual conference – DOAG 2014 – in Nuremberg. This promises to be 3 packed days with plenty of interesting content for both middleware and database professionals.

DOAG 2014

On Tuesday at 15:00 (in Kopenhagen) Jacco Landlust, from Oracle Consulting, and I will be presenting “Enterprise Deployments: The Real World of Best Practices.” I have co-presented with Jacco several times before and I always enjoy the experience – our slightly different perspectives hopefully adds to the balance of the session (although we have been known to bicker on stage before now!). The title is a bit tongue in cheek: you can’t go to a conference these days without being bombarded by “Best Practices” sessions, but who can say something is a “best practice” and why? In this session we take the Enterprise Deployment Guides (EDG), which are effectively Oracle’s best practices for Fusion Middleware implementations, and describe the benefits and complications in applying them in the real world.

Of course this topic is very relevant to O-box – our appliances were designed using the Enterprise Deployment Guides, but with some justified deviations which I hope this presentation will help you to understand. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the slides:

EDG session taster

Note: if you’re interested in Fusion Middleware infrastructure I’d also strongly recommend you see Jacco’s other session beforehand: “What every DBA needs to know about JDBC connection pools” is at 12:45 in Seoul.

Then on Thursday, Lonneke Dikmans, and Frank Hoppe from OPITZ CONSULTING, will be presenting “What’s so Special about the Oracle Database Appliance?” at 09:00 in Tokio. This will talk about ODA’s role as a database machine, but mostly focus on the ODA Virtualized Platform, and how it can be used as the foundation for very attractive self-contained solutions (“in a box”). There will be a couple of case studies for illustration.

OPITZ have first hand experience of O-box, as well as some other WebLogic on ODA projects, so Lonneke and Frank are well placed to share our views of the pros and cons of the ODA.

Cloud vs Appliance

I’m really looking forward to the DOAG conference. When not in sessions I’ll probably be somewhere around the OPITZ stand so if you are interested in talking about O-box, ODA or Fusion Middleware in general, please come and find me (or send a message me @simon_haslam).

For more information see the DOAG conference website and full agenda.

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