Oracle launches the ODA X5-2

The much anticipated new ODA X5-2, initially expected primarily to the take advantage of the new Intel E5-2600 v3 family of processors, has been launched. I wrote in detail about it on my blog but from a purely O-box perspective this is what is important:

  • InfiniBand – the nodes now have a low latency 40Gbps interconnect (identical to Exalogic!)
  • New DDR4 memory, with the option to upgrade up to 768GB per node (so 1.5GB in total)
  • 800GB (after mirroring) flash, in addition to that used for database redo logs, available for database caching and improving ACFS performance
  • A modest price increase (from $60k to $68k list)

The ODA X5-2 will be available shortly and I’m looking forward to posting more about these new capabilities.ODA X5-2

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