ODA X5-2 Visio Stencil

Example created with ODA X5-2 Visio template

Recently I’ve been working on a couple of O-box SOA proposals but couldn’t find a Visio stencil for the ODA X5-2. Although there are plenty of Oracle hardware stencils, produced by Oracle NA and VSD Grafx over at my favourite Viso site – VisioCafe – the only ODA one is of the V1 which looks quite different from later models.

After asking if an official X5-2 stencil existed over on the LinkedIn ODA Discussion Forum I thought I’d better create my own, mainly for the benefit of O-box partners, but also for others in the ODA community.

Download Visio stencil (v1.1, 2MB): Oracle-Database-Appliance-X5-2.vss

Note I have only tested this with Visio 2007, but it should work with all versions from Visio 2003 onwards.

For ODA-geeks out there here are the faults with this stencil:

  • I couldn’t get the text to scale properly for the ODA labels (Node 0, Storage Shelf, etc).
  • The blanking panel where the DVD drive was on the original X5-2 server stencil should be ventilated.
  • Oracle has made some slight cosmetic changes to the DE2-24C storage array recently.
  • The SSD and HDD disks aren’t correctly labelled in the storage shelves.

If anyone would like to help fix these issues I’d be very grateful and would be happy to update the stencil with credits.

For other Oracle Hardware stencils (and other nice ones, e.g. for HP) please see Oracle Stencils at VisioCafe.

I hope I haven’t infringed either Oracle or VSD Grafix Inc copyright by using their stencils as the basis to this one. I would be delighted if either organisation would publish an official version of their own (and I would then delete this version) as it would undoubtedly be more accurate than mine.


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