Oracle releases WLS ODA

This week Oracle has released the WLS ODA software (templates and ‘configurator’) for ODA, which also now supports the ODA X5-2 hardware.

The changes in this release are:

  • InfiniBand support (optional for customers wanting to use fiber) when running on the ODA X5-2
  • a switch to HVM type VMs
  • various bug fixes
  • a revised software numbering scheme to line up with ODA versions

This release will run on all the ODA hardware versions (ODA V1, X3-2, X4-2, X5-2) and probably ODA versions older than 12 if necessary (e.g. 2.10) though I’ve not tried that. The WLS ODA templates provide the solid WebLogic foundation that O-box builds its SOA environments upon.

The download page is here:

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