Our Proposition

There is a high degree of complexity when installing modern software such as SOA and, in turn, a high cost associated with lengthy projects, many of which overrun.

We are confident that the O-box SOA Appliance, developed to conform to Oracle’s SOA Enterprise Deployment Guide (EDG), can be implemented within a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.


Our experience shows that the benefits of O-box SOA Appliance can easily be measured:

Simple “2 stick” install?

Installation is via USB from “2 sticks” to provide an up and running SOA infrastructure in just a few hours.

Want to know how we do that? Click here!

Fully tested High Availability

Conforms to Oracle SOA EDG and is fully tested with no single point of failure.

Fully documented

Minimal training and consultancy required.

Reduced risk and cost

It’s not a project, it’s a product – therefore no trial and error is required


It’s not a project so nothing gets missed – there are no de-scoped areas, e.g. security.

Standard architecture

O-box SOA Appliance conforms to Oracle’s SOA Enterprise Deployment Guide.

Appropriate mix of memory & cores between components

The O-box SOA Appliance is tuned for Oracle Database Appliance, ODA.

Whether you are considering SOA, already deploying SOA or have an incomplete project – you should be talking to O-box or one of our specialized partners.

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