O-box SOA Appliance

“SOA in a box”

O-box SOA Appliance logo …is an automatically configured solution to enable customers to install a highly available and robust Oracle SOA Suite platform (with multiple independent environments) for a fixed price, and in very short time-scales.

The O-box SOA Appliance greatly reduces risk and allows IT administrators to focus on SOA project deployment, rather than platform installation. It has the capability to grow with your business depending upon the initial configuration option chosen, up to the point where larger hardware, such as Exalogic, may be required.

Our pricing makes O-box SOA Appliance an attractive option when compared to the cost and risk of implementing SOA as a consulting project or if you are considering doing it yourself, especially when hardware and software costs are also taken into account.
ODA X5-2


The O-box SOA Appliance is built from integrated “best of breed” components that
Oracle SOA Suite together provide a robust and mature SOA platform – highly available and secure out of the box:

  • O-box Manager
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Traffic Director
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • …plus the pre-integrated software on the ODA X5-2 (Database, Grid Infrastructure, OVS, etc)
  • ODA X5-2: two Oracle Sun X5-2 servers (each with 36 cores & 256GB memory)
  • ODA X5-2: storage with redundant controllers & 8 (or 16) SSD, 16 (or 32) hard disks
  • ODA X5-2: two separate 10GbE bonded external networks

So, if you are looking for “SOA made simple”, the O-box SOA Appliance offers:

  • a highly available and secure SOA platform out of the box,
  • leveraged best practices from the Oracle Enterprise Deployment Guides,
  • a self-contained and pre-tuned Fusion Middleware infrastructure database,
  • an easy 2 stick install process,
  • a choice of configuration sizes,
  • multiple isolated environments supported on a single appliance,
  • full back-up and DR options.

For further information see O-box benefits or contact us.

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