We are developing a range of appliances running Oracle O-box SOA Appliancesoftware, our first is the O-box SOA Appliance.

Our aim is to make running mission-critical Oracle infrastructure a very quick and easy to deploy and, once in production, much easier to maintain. Read more about O-box benefits here.

Let’s look at the approach we have developed to give such rapid deployment: our automated process allows you to fully provision a production (or test) platform – from order to live – in only a couple of weeks!

From order to live in 2 weeks!

Upon placing an order the Oracle hardware takes around two weeks be delivered to you. In the meantime you can already start configuring your appliance on the My O-box portal, for example specifying your domain name, IP subnets, SSL certificates, whether you want to use RAC or RAC One Node, and so on. This is all done in a guided manner and you can save your configuration as draft in case you need to find out additional information (e.g. request IP address ranges) and return to it later.

After you have finalised your configuration you then need to prepare 2 USB sticks to contain the O-box management software, the configuration for your appliance, and Oracle software which you download from the E-delivery (SDC) website. Again the O-box portal will step you through this process.

All of our appliances will use this unique O-box “2 stick install” process:

O-box "2 stick install"

Hopefully this gives you a flavor of the technology we’ve developed at O-box… over the coming weeks we will expand these pages to provide more insight into how it all works. Meanwhile if you have any questions please get in touch!

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